The Cisco Spa112 2 Port Phone Adapter is sold as a 'Affordable and Feature-Rich Voice over IP'. The firmware for the SPA112 VOIP adapter is a little unstable. It tends to hang or freeze the device after it has been online for a couple of days. Recent firmware updates have not improved the situation.  One of several support threads about the issue can be reviewed here and here and the reviews here and on Amazon and maybe this too.

I wrote this little program to reboot the SPA112 from a Win32/Win64 system. It can be run from a schedulded task, batch file, shortcut, command line, or almost any other method.

Configuration & Operation

The system is configured from the command line.

Manditory Command Line Switches:

  • -username - This is the username for the SPA112.  This is a required field.
  • -password - This is password for the SPA112.  This is a required field.
  • -address - This is the address for the SPA112.  It can be either an IP address, or a domain name.  This is a required field.

Optional Command Line Switches:

  • -debug - This is an optional switch that will produce debuging information for troubleshooting.
  • -quiet - This is a optional switch that will prevent any output (unless there is an error)
  • -help - This is an optional switch that will produce help information on the screen.

Example Command Line:

SPA112_Rebooter.exe -username=admin -password=admin -address=

or, for the advanced user...

SPA112_Rebooter.exe -username=admin -password=admin -address=
if errorlevel 1 goto something_wrong
if errorlevel 0 goto everything_ok

REM code to handle an error here...


Error Level Output:

  • ErrorLevel 10 - Missing Username, Password or Address (or the help screen is being displayed)
  • ErrorLevel 9 - Unable to connect to the SPA112. Check the address, that the SPA112 is accessable, and online. Specificatally, failed to connect to the port.
  • Errorlevel 8 - A login error has occured. Check the username, password and address.
  • Errorlevel 5 - An error occured sending the reboot command. Maybe Cisco changed the interface?
  • Errorlevel 0 - Successfully sent the reboot command to the SPA112


You can download the program.  Unzip the program into a directory. Run it from a command line. There is no installation.

Version 1.0.3 (December 17, 2012) - (8KB)


You will need to have Microsoft .NET. 4 client profile. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft site if you don't have it already.


Free.  Gratis.  You pay nothing.  If you find a bug, please let me know the details, and I will try to fix it.  If there is a feature you would like to have added, again, let me know, and I will do my best to write it in.  You can also use Paypal to make a donation below.


If you are having a problem, you can contact me via e-mail at I'll try to respond in a timely manner.

Change Log

Version Release Date Comments
1.0.0 December 14, 2012
  • Initial Release.
1.0.2 December 16, 2012
  • Fixed bug when redirecting output. An unhandled exception would occur.
1.0.3 December 17, 2012
  • Added Errorlevel output by request.
  • Added Quiet option (-quiet) by request.
  • Added Help option (-help).


It should run fine.  It shouldn't cause anything bad to happen. Neither Linksys/Cisco or myself take any responsibility if something does go wrong.


  • Enable a connection over SSL (HTTPS).