I did a fair bit of research before setting out on this.  The following is a partial list of sites that I got ideas from:

    What's Next?  I would like to find an inexpensive way to montior electrical power usage.  Something like what this guy did would be cool - if it were not for the multi-thousand dollar price tag.  Suggestions are welcome.

    This bwired fellow seems to have taken it to a whole different level.  I can't do it exactly like this, since I still have an Analog meter.  Another similar one, again with a digital meter.  There was a page at seanadams.com (archived version) where a circuit was hooked up with an IR emitter/receiver rigged up to his analog meter, but it seems to be offline now. Also, there is another flashing LED reader (http://phk.freebsd.dk/Eldims/)./p>

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